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The Best Part? We'll Pay for Everything.

Call to speak with one of our Owners and see how you can become an owner of an office in your State. Take your real estate career to the next level by running your own office.

Who Are We?

We are a top 1% full-service Real Estate company currently working directly with buyers and sellers in 6 States, we utilize partners in the other 44 states, offering unique programs for home sellers.

Our unique process allows us to generate up to 1000%+ more listing volume than a typical real estate office, ensuring you'll never have a shortage of business. 

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Why Be A Partner?

We Will Set You Up Under Our Brokerage

We will license Joseph Walter Realty in your State and pay for your brokers license to be associated with JWR (we do not allow a broker working for Joseph Walter Realty to maintain multiple licenses or work concurrently with any other Real Estate company).


We Provide Plenty of Qualified Leads to Fast-Track your Success

Through our unique listing program. We consistently provide leads you will be able to work with reliably to generate revenue.


You Keep 100% of Your Commission

As the broker, you will also be executing real estate business. Typical splits for the agents will be 70/30 with a cap of $7000. You will receive 100% of all commissions.


Access To The Training and Tools You Need to Succeed

We will offer ongoing training to you that you can also pass along to your agents in the office. We are also available 24/7 for support. We are here to make sure you are successful with your office.


What Are Your Duties?

Help process and maintain files we have in your state

We will need your help maintaining your deals, those of your local agents, and at times some business that we refer to you.

Maintain and Respond to your Deals with Agents

We want to grow each office with agents who will be working on full-service listings and with buyers.

Marketing your state/bring in buyers and sellers

With profit-sharing we all want to maximize the return. We want you to let people know about the company and it's services

Handle Local and State Compliance

Keep on top of local, state, and national rules and compliance. Stay up to date with your state Continuing Education and NAR classes.

Recruit and Manage in Your State

We will need your skills to help entice agents to continue to work for Joseph Walter Realty.

Weekly Reporting and Updates

Each week we will set up a meeting and talk about your metrics, issues that need assistance, and provide guidance for you to succeed

Ready to Skyrocket Your Earnings?

Shoot us an email or give us a call to see how you can start your new career as a Joseph Walter Realty Broker Today! 

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